I'm Andie - I'm a girl. I like a lot of bands and yes my tattoo is real, not sharpie. I'm a sarcastic 19 year old and I'll laugh at literally anything.

28th August 2014

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"There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands."

                                                                              -Steven Moffat [x]

I just want to frame that and hang it on the wall of every Moffat apologist, so they can wake up and look at that every morning. 

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28th August 2014

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28th August 2014

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27th August 2014


I’m getting hate from a couple Hustlers who control a fan account on Twitter because I bought tickets for all 5 dates through pre-sale. I just spent £500 on tickets for me and friends yet you’re running an account that ‘doesn’t bully people no matter what.” Just grow the fuck up and stop hating on me, you’re in your mid twenties and I’m still a teenager. There’s no way I got perks anyway and even if I did I accept that I’ve met them before and I’d move on

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27th August 2014

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i bring you chris and sebastian thinking about pussy

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26th August 2014

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26th August 2014

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Josh slapping Alex’s butt [x]

Josh slapping Alex’s butt [x]

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26th August 2014

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A summary of Jack Barakat

Everyone else: JACK NO


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25th August 2014

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25th August 2014

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Helena Bonham Carter does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

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